Engaging Conversation

June 26, 2013

The end of this month also marks the end of the second quarter of this business year. It’s a time when business results can be more accurately measured against forecasts and, most often, the time when businesses hold their annual employee appraisals too.

The level of employee engagement has business and financial pundits almost as excited as the performance figures themselves. This is because research findings are increasingly suggesting that there is a direct correlation between employee engagement and healthy financial forecasts.

The emergence of employee review sites such as thejobcrowd.com (which will be publishing its latest Top Companies to Work For report later in July) are compounding this trend towards caring as much about who you work for as you do about whether or not you have a job.

But how do we as recruiters keep those jobseekers motivated when, month after month, some very talented candidates miss out on another opportunity they would have been perfect for?

Competition in the jobs market is fierce and recruiters are fully focused on engaging their clients, so is there more to be done in making sure that your candidates are as fresh and vital as they can be too? Should we, in short, be exploring new ways to keep prospective employees as engaged as existing ones so they add value to the client’s financial outlook?