Beat The Talent Gap This Summer With A Powerful Pay & Bill Solution

When summer is in full flow, agency owners like yourself might find it easier to take a breath and get some much-needed R&R. But we’re not just talking about rest and relaxation… 

The slightly quieter period is the ideal time to reflect and reorganise in preparation for busier months ahead. But with the added considerations of the talent shortage and wage increases, it can be difficult to source (and afford) the right back-office staff to meet your pay and bill demands.

Yet hiring more staff isn’t your only option. Let’s take a look at how you can use your summer to find a solution that plays to your strengths, and gives you the freedom to thrive.

Talent down, wages up

It’s no secret that talent is hard to come by right now. And as wages rise with increasing inflation, taking on extra employees to keep up with your pay and bill processes might be an uphill battle, both operationally and financially. Instead of spending your valuable time and money on that, consider an outsourced solution that does it for you – so you can focus on what really matters.

Time for reflection

Reflecting on your processes and reorganising them is key to growth. It keeps your operations agile, and allows you to make the most of what’s in front of you. But when your core team is working at maximum capacity, it can be difficult to fit in some forward planning. If you do get the chance to take a small step back this summer, make it count by rethinking your pay and bill provider, rather than automatically renewing your current one.

Ever find yourself paying too much attention to this side of your business? Maybe your processes for organising timesheets, invoices and other crucial documents could be more efficient? The effort and energy you could save by automating, digitising and outsourcing your pay and bill could be a game changer. You just don’t know it yet.

Our solution

Eden Group offers a fully managed Pay & Bill solution designed to empower agency owners like you to shift your focus away from the back office, and onto sales growth and profitability – knowing everything is taken care of. But what do we mean by fully managed? As our client, you’ll have a dedicated account director with a team of payroll experts, qualified accountants, tax advisers and management professionals behind them.

From our hassle-free timesheet app to our unique ‘Side by Side’ digital document processing, things run more smoothly with Eden. And as part of our solution, we’ll manage all types of contractor compliance, and even provide integrated Payroll, powered by our leading Evertime software.

To make sure Eden works for your unique agency, you have the flexibility to choose a service level that fits, with scaled pricing as your business grows. Want to see how else we can help? Contact Beverley today on 01276 688050 or