3 ways to get your recruitment agency up and running again

June 12, 2020

As the world begins to open up again after the COVID-19 pandemic closures in March, we have been tuning in to some of the recruitment industry’s experts to get their take on how recruiters can get their businesses up and running again.

In our recent blog , we talked about some of the key changes that are being made to the Furlough scheme, including:

  • Reducing Furlough payments as the government begins to close the scheme
  • Using Furlough flexibly so your staff can return to work
  • The various contributions employers need to make
  • Statutory Sick Pay details

Many businesses are now ready to bring their staff back to work using the Furlough scheme flexibly.  This is a great opportunity for recruiters to get their agency ready for when clients are ready to make placements again.

The Recruitment and Employment Federation (REC) has pulled together a very useful set of webinars which we’d recommend you sign up for. However, here’s some of the key points to help your agencies get up and running again:

  1. Risk assessment

If you have done a risk assessment with your clients already, now is the time to revisit this in line with social distancing guidelines. For example, you might need to speak to a health and safety expert to ensure that the correct measures are put in place for your candidates or temporary workers.


  1. Consider a remote working strategy

EdenGroup is a brilliant example of a business that has managed to run virtually while our team isolated at home. With Evertime, our cloud-based Pay & Bill solution and other software such as Zoom, we have managed to deliver services for our clients without interruption and maintain staff morale.  Many recruitment agencies are now looking at how they can support more consultants to be based from home or having a blended approach of office and remote working. The benefit would be greater ability to talk to candidates outside of hours, which could be a great thing for your agency.


  1. Get ready for when your clients are ready

If you’ve had the job of getting your business back to ‘the new normal’ then it’s likely that your clients will be doing the same. Recruitment might not be their number 1 priority right now, but that’s no reason not to call or set up a virtual coffee!


Your clients will need support from experienced recruiters more than ever, which you can do by helping them with workforce planning, reviewing their supply chains and putting packages together that meet their future planning needs.  This is a brilliant opportunity to demonstrate the value you can add as a recruiter, so don’t hold back and let your competitors get in first. At this time, a focus on short-term revenue is unlikely to serve you well for the future.

Have you put any of these actions in place yet? Which one will you work on first? Please let us know how you get on!