Has AWR Worked or Just Increased Bureaucracy?

July 11, 2013

We are in a fairly unique position to offer an opinion on this as we are processing Temporary Workers payroll for over a 100 Recruitment Companies across the whole of the UK and in a variety of industry Sectors.

We are also fortunate to have developed within our Back Office Service the ability to track the 12 week period for all the workers we process on behalf of our Clients – and that wasn’t an easy program to write given all the rules relating to AWR! In fact we are not sure how anyone can keep track of it unless they are using some application like the one we run for our Clients to keep them compliant.

So what do we find. Well in only a very few cases do we find a Worker’s pay being increased after the 12 weeks. Most continue as they were. What we can’t determine is whether that is because they were already earning more than the comparative Worker (if there was one) or simply because no one at the ultimate Client has provided any information on what the pay rate needs to be.

Whatever the reasons are, the evidence we have suggests the impact on Workers pay has been minimal compared to the increased administration costs.