Poor Recruiters Have This in Common

August 16, 2016

Poor recruiters have this in common

Recruitment is a pretty difficult industry to get right, even on a good day.

In an environment where you are only remunerated on matchmaking the “right” fit of candidate and client, there are a thousand and one distractions that get in the way of doing the best possible job. The best intentions go out of the window when you are competing to fill a role before your competitors do. The slightly imperfect CV gets sent to the client anyway because you don’t have sufficient time to coach the candidate. The interview feedback for unsuccessful candidates is brief (or non-existent) because the hiring manager didn’t want to give it and the recruiter didn’t want to spoil the relationship by asking. The role you are working on gets ignored because an easier role to fill has come onto your books.

The list goes on. Boy, can a lot go wrong with recruitment. However, even when things go right, when they are perfect, there is one thing that the poorest recruiters all have in common:

Their back office is a mess (if they even have a back office operation at all).

You’d think that once the hard graft of finding the right candidate has finished, then it should be plain sailing. For many companies this is far from the case. In the new world of the “gig economy”, especially where contractors are concerned, an effective back office can mean the difference between recruitment success and abject failure. Many recruiters in this case still play a part in their candidate’s future activity – collating their timesheets, paying them, invoicing the Client and ensuring that the paperwork is compliant. If this is not done with due care and attention, relationships can go off the rails extremely quickly.

Poor recruiters don’t care about the operational stuff. It all happens in the end somehow, so what if there are a few bumps in the road. They still get their fees….

The irony is that in such a people-facing industry, it is often the non-people-facing aspects that ruin potentially profitable relationships. It is really not that hard to automate your back office systems these days, so why do so many smaller companies insist on doing it (badly) themselves? When humans are involved, they make errors, and this sucks even more time out of their days. If you look at a cost-benefit analysis, investing a little in making the operational aspects of recruitment as seamless as possible will allow recruiters to get on with what they should be doing – delighting their candidates and clients.

Tech is moving at such a pace that innovations, which seemed ground-breaking a few years ago, are now outdated and redundant. If you are not utilising the latest systems, like Evertime, you can be sure that many of your competitors will be.

Poor recruiters don’t care about technology. They want to collect the money and forget about their operational responsibilities. Well, more fool them.

Peter Giltrap, Director EdenGroup