Remote Working

July 18, 2013

Back in the eighties, it seemed every recruitment company had a high street presence. It was a way of attracting candidates. However with the internet there has been a migration out of high streets to business parks where rents are lower.

This is now further developing with technology to an increase in remote working. This is being facilitated by the Cloud, which is enabling businesses to run all their systems and processes from remote data centre which give access 24\7 from anywhere in the world.

For new recruitment start-ups, we are finding over 90% of them are setting up their IT infrastructure in this way, using remote desktops and simply paying a monthly rental for the applications and hardware they need to use.

Here at InsideOut we went down this route approximately 18 months ago and it has without any doubt been a success. We even put in IP phones. No more worries about disaster recovery and security – we leave it to the professionals. Our Clients can get access to data when they want and what is great, is on a day like today, when it is scorching hot in the office, we can all head off home into a cooler environment, fix ourselves a cool long drink and carry on working on our Clients Back Office as normal!

Sometimes technology is truly wonderful…