Safeguard your recruitment agency with a brilliant Pay & Bill service

March 20, 2020

As companies across the UK (and the world) have finalised their plans to base their entire operation remotely, many recruiters are concerned about running their contractor payroll without their team physically present to manage this. Despite the unprecedented situation businesses find themselves in, many are unprepared for a widespread shut down and need to find ways to keep their recruitment agency operational again.

Luckily at Eden Group, our cloud-based system allows us to provide complete Pay & Bill services if a secure internet connection is available.

Why take action now?

If you’re interested in a cloud-based system that gives you complete control of your Pay & Bill service, then setting this up for your new financial year is the perfect time.

  • Set up in as little as 1 day*

Our expert team can get you set up quickly and can offer remote training to get your payroll up and running quickly and in time for the start of your financial year

  • Peace of mind as you adapt to remote working

As a secure, cloud-based service, you can be confident of maintaining your client confidentiality and compliance on a system that your team can use as they work in their own homes

  • Accessible to all your team, providing your agency with further contingency

Many recruitment agencies operate with a very small payroll team, but as the Coronavirus begins to take hold, there’s a chance that a number of your team could be out of action for up to 2 weeks. Both options allow your team to continue

How can EdenGroup deliver this for you?

We use Evertime which is Pay & Bill software that we have developed for our Eden Outsource  clients. We can manage your Payroll using Evertime which is cloud-based, secure, compliant and accessible via any reliable internet connection.

You might want to consider using Evertime software to run your own Payroll – talk to our team about both options and we can find out the best solution for your recruitment agency!

Take a look at this blog post which talks more about how Evertime SaaS can help you to manage your own fully compliant payroll from anywhere!

Please get in touch with our team to find out more – call Beverley on 0844 686 8360 or email

*This will depend on the type of payroll and scale. If it’s for a Ltd company, 1 day is a realistic set-up time. For complete PAYE and if YTD figures need to be transferred over, this is likely to take longer. If you’re starting at the start of the tax year, this will be quicker.