Who Do You Know?

July 03, 2013

Industry forecasts for growth are slowly shifting towards the positive, yet opportunities for growth remain scarce outside of making improvements to operational efficiency. Under these circumstances it can be tempting to go after anything you hear about, but is there ever a good time to adopt ‘emergency measures’ over the long-term view?

A key factor in top performing companies is the development of long term relationships. We know from personal experience that investing time in a relationship helps them flourish. The same can be applied to business. Add to this the fact that recruitment services providers have two groups to manage: clients and candidates, there is a lot of potential for added growth.

You’ll know that candidates who were successfully placed by you once are more likely to approach you again when they’re seeking new opportunities. You save time vetting because you know the candidate.

Deeper understanding always yields better results, which leads to increased business. As your clients grow, they refer you to their peers; as they move on, they take you with them.

Although the courtship can be time-intensive to begin with, playing the long game can really pay dividends. So who do you know? Where are they going, and can your business go too?