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We take care of the accounting, setting you free to focus on the work that really counts.

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Employee Testimonials

As a person new to agency working, with a background of 37 years of organised employment with Police NHS and Local Authority, the way that EdenGroup guided me through how things work with a PAYE Umbrella made the paperwork almost enjoyable.

Bill, Police Contractor See All

EdenOne Limited Company helps you to maximise your take home pay and get the most out of your earnings.

 If you expect to earn more than £30,000 per annum, are likely to be contracting for more than nine months and expect to have a degree of control over your working practices, then EdenOne Limited Company could be the best choice for you.


Would becoming a limited company be the right option for you?

Do you expect:

to earn more than £30,000 per annum?

to be contracting for more than nine months or anticipate having future contracts?

to have a degree of control over working practices?

If the answer is YES, you could benefit from being a limited company.


What are the benefits of running your own limited company?

Running your own company means being more tax efficient. Even with IR35.

Use your company’s funds before tax for new business ideas.

Limited companies appear more credible to the industry.

Manage higher rate taxes with better future planning.

Have more control over your finances, expenses and wages.

Benefit from the Flat Rate VAT scheme.

Manage tax payments to keep your money at your disposal for longer.

How we make your life easier

We have designed this service to be incredibly easy to use.

When you need to pay HMRC (VAT, PAYE, Corporation tax or personal Income Tax), we tell you how much and when to pay.

When you need to pay yourself net wages, dividends or repay your expenses, we help you.

If you need to sign something, we send it to you.

If you need to submit forms, accounts or returns, we help you to do it.

You’ll soon find that running a company is not much harder than becoming an Umbrella employee. Not because it’s simple, but because we do most of the work for you! …and we’re always here to help!

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