Holiday Request Form

If you use EdenGroup Umbrella to retain your holiday pay (this will show in your YTD box on your payslip) and would like to request an amount from this to be released please complete below:

Date that you want the holiday to be paid.

i.e. if you are paid weekly, this will be the Friday that the funds will clear in your bank.

Amount to be paid

i.e. 3 days and we will calculate this from your hourly rate & usual hours worked.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to state an amount to be released please advise how much.

All requests for holiday need to be received at EdenGroup Umbrella by 5.30pm on the Monday prior to the payment date.

All requests received after this will be processed the following week. Please remember that EdenGroup Umbrella are unable to authorise absences from work, so please confirm any annual leave with your manager first.